About us

A space for theatre – theatre in a space which must be viewed in its complexity and functionality in order to offer as complete stage design and scenic services as possible complying with current technical possibilities and working as a sophisticated system having a positive effect on artistic creativity. The stage system should be designed in a way reflecting the historical development of theatre and development of thinking in Europe, understanding and communicating the meaning of theatre, employing new technologies and offering new possibilities.

The complexity and functionality of the theatre space means not only the stage and the auditorium but also the backstage such as dressing rooms, rehearsal rooms, foyer, etc. all the parts forming one unit – the theatre. To accomplish this task, we actively and effectively cooperate with designers and technical specialists in this field. Their general knowledge and experience are helpful guidelines for us. In this respect we are able to offer our know-how in order to provide a comprehensive design solution and top quality use of the theatre space.

GRADIOR TECH a.s. is an experienced partner for investors, managers of cultural and social centres and specialist project engineers in the field of stage technologies through architectural design, feasibility studies, approval procedures, specialist pilot and implementation projects, manufacture and installation while taking into consideration the local market specificities.

We guarantee dealing with individual orders effectively thanks to having all the interconnected departments such as sales, design, construction, manufacture and manufacture management within the company premises.