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What We Do

What We Do

"We give you the best tools. The rest is on you."


We provide innovative solutions to every challenge that making a theatre performance may create. Do you need a mobile stage, rigging, bridges or large props and structures? We have you covered. Are you looking for cutting edge acoustic and lightning equipment or control units? Or even a turn-key delivery? We deliver. Or do you need to create a project first? We are happy to give a helping hand. We cover everything.

We are not just makers of theatre & stage equipment. We are designers, stage architects and technicians. We not only develop and install our own machinery, we can renovate your old stage, or create a new one from scratch. And we will service all our products during their lifetime. One company, one package, all you need in one place.

Over thirty years we have successfully finished hundreds of projects. We did most of our work in the world of theatre, but we have also successfully expanded into different fields. Among the best designs we have done are large multifunctional halls and magnificent stages for wide range of uses (e.g. sport or cultural events, ocean cruisers, etc.). Look at our projects here. We can build anything anywhere.

You are never too big or too small to work with us. We will take good care of you whether your budget is two thousand euros or two million.

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