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How We Do It

How We Do It

"We innovate, constantly. We create future."

We stand at the forefront of technical innovation. We create cutting edge tools for stage and lighting technicians and design solutions for challenging ideas of directors and scenographers. Because we know that spectators will love them.

Are you unhappy with “off-the-shelf” equipment? Do you have specific needs? Unusually shaped space or crammed backstage? Do you fight with problematic acoustic properties? Or are you just on a tight budget? We can address all of these issues.


A team of our experts will discuss your needs and come up with the best solution that will respect not only your visions, but also European technical norms and requirements. We know how to make things work – not only on paper but in real life. If we face a challenging problem, we will come up with a solution that is unique to your space. We will be at hand for consultation on every step of the project, from the first draw on paper to the plugging of the last cable into your new stage machinery.


As soon as we agree on a suitable solution to your requirements, we will create digital models. If approved, we get to work. For structures and machinery we use high quality steel. In our workshop we use the best available technology, such as precision cutting with water jet cutter. The precision of the cut is unmatched and guarantees smooth working and decades long lifespan of our products.


We check and double check every part of the machinery a thoroughly test its functionality. Once complete, we ship your order to the destination with a team of skilled technicians. They will make sure, that everything is correctly assembled and will get in touch with your own crew, so they can start operating new equipment as soon as possible.