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Why to Work
with Us

Why to Work with Us

"From premiere to the last performance. You can rely on us."


We will stand by your side at all times. We pride ourselves for being reliable partners. If you call us we will reply, if you need us at the site, we will be there. And you will work with the same people – no surprises, no project lags.

We prefer working with you from the very beginning of your project. It saves time, energy and most importantly – money. We take into consideration not only what is the impression you want to achieve, but all those mundane things that are hidden behind a curtain of every great performance. What is the size of your space and how to best use every millimetre of it? Will a new construction affect acoustic properties of a stage? How many people will operate equipment? Do you have to motorize all the moving parts, or can you rely on a few skilful hands?

All these questions need to be addressed, every issue thought through in advance. We take into consideration not only technical properties of a stage, but also take into account safety and ergonomy of our equipment since no theatre can flourish without its crew of technicians.

We in Gradior Tech love our job. Most of our employees spent years and often decades perfecting their craft. If you work with us, you will talk to the same person you did the last time. There will be none of the confusion that arises when inexperienced people start rotating on a long-term project. We cherish close contacts and make sure communication is precise and timely.

We are good at what we do – and you can always rely on us.